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voice of god
The only sacred thing in his universe is human freedom
This is the official and only web site for the ultimate truth in this universe, and nature of god and the
meaning and purpose of human life.  If you want to know the relationship between god and this
universe, and why life on this planet exists, you must find it here   This website does not deal in
'faith' nor 'belief', rather it is about truth, facts and reality, and almost all that is contained within
these pages can be independently verified by the reader, for god has never hidden himself, he has
always been right out in the open, in front of all of  us all of the time, in plain view.  Anyone who can
contradict anything written in these pages with facts are requested to email me your contradictory
information.  Within this web site are many subjects, from the history of the creation of the universe
to current events, and corrections to many lies that people live by today.


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