When the slaves of the Roman Empire were chattel slaves where a Roman "lord" held a
"title" to them as a piece of paper specifying that the slave was personal property of the
"lord".  The "lord" was obligated to provide rudimentary clothing and shelter and
sufficient food to keep the slave alive.  As of the creation of christianity as the manager
and controller of the slaves of the Roman Empire, these chattel slaves were converted to
"serfs" where they were no longer the personal property of a particular man, but they
became part of the real estate, and the real estate was owned by a "lord". Chattel slavery
disappeared under serfdom, and the serfs, bound to the land that they tilled unto the end
of their lives were forced to find their own shelter, clothing, and food when they were
between crops.  The "lords" allowed them enough for minimum shelter and clothing, but
not quite anough for  food for their survival.  The "lords" gave ten percent of their profits
from this "serf" arrangement to the church to pay for the management of these serfs. The
church, aware that the serfs had less food than necessary for survival said to the serfs
"Come hither and partake of the generous charity of the church so you may survive", and
gave to the poor serfs the pittance that allowed them to survive.  Now, the serfs owed
their very lives to the church, thus cementing their loyalty and obedience to this
organization.  The "charity" that they were given was earnings that they had created
themselves in the first place and had been taken from them by the "lords".  In the minds
of the serfs, they could not survive without the church.

Two key elements in the control of these slaves was imposed ignorance and poverty.  No
serf (slave) would ever be allowed to become educated enough to realize the truth of his
predicament.  The wall between the aristocrats and the serfs was poverty.  No serf was
ever to be allowed to acquire enough wealth to escape his serfdom.  Every serf had to be
dependent on church 'charity' for survival.  This charity became a key element in the
control and management of these slaves known as serfs.

Before 1775, all of the governments of the "western world" were governments of
repression, exploiting and enslaving whole populations for the profits of the totalitarian
government operatives known as 'aristocrats''.  When protective democratic government
was invented in America around 1775, displacing the political power of the church and it's
"divine rights" dictators , the democratic government replaced church charity with
government benefits programs in order to attempt to eliminate the conditions of poverty
that the rules of capitalism imposed on all the workers of the society, and to secure the
loyalty of these people for itself.  This relieved the church of one of its most important
control scams, the loyalty that "church charity" bought for the church.  The democracy
movement made one importrant mistake when it formed itself.  It allowed the church to
continue to operate within it's society, without recognized political power and under the
cover of "religion", and the church continued on as a parasite within the society.  This
parasitic nature allowed it to tear away at all the "benefits programs" that were set up by
the government to protect against poverty and repressions that the church depended on to
exercise control of the ex-serfs, now known as "citizens".  These benefits programs over a
period of time became a protective "wall against slavery".  They tended to eliminate the
poverty element that the church depended on to control the work force that was once
known as 'serfs'. and displaced entirely the "charity" scam that the church once exercised
in acquiring the loyalty of the slave labor force.  To this day, the christian church
continues to rail away and preach hatred against all government assistance to the poor
whom the church once controlled through the aid of it's "charity" scam. The church
claims all manner of lies about the bad effects of government "benefits" that are for all
practical purposes, identical to the "charity" that was once passed out to the starving
slaves by the church.  This "charity" does the same for democratic government that it
once did for the totalitarian church in securing the loyalty of the impoverished for itself
while protecting them from repression and enslavement at the same time.  The church
continues to preach it's "work ethic" (work unto death for the profits of the master) for
the profits of the capitalists, the same that it once preached to maximize the profits from
slavery for the aristocracy, the "lords".  It claims that government benefits interferes with
this "work ethic" in an effort to frighten the current capitalists into believing that the
"benefits" makes the whole work force less productive, and a detrement to their profits.  
It takes advantage of the remaining poverty in our society by attempting to make these
people believe that "benefits" makes the conditions worse for all who are not direct
beneficiaries of these "benefits' and appeals to their greed in making them feel that the
cost of these 'benefits' are stolen from them.

The christian church has no "morals" whatsoever. It lies continuously about the 'evils' of
taxes that enable the democratic government to furnish the necessary protections against
repression and tyranny, making it's victims believe that these monies, taxes, necessary to
fund these protections are being 'stolen' from the taxpayers and given to the needy,
making them 'freeloaders', in an effort to forment rebellion against taxation, and thus
nullifying the governments ability to furnish protections against tyranny to it's citizens.  
They have lost all the military battles against protective government so they fight on in
their efforts by trying make the protection functions of the government ineffective.

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