Christianity and the slave control solution

By the beginning of the reign of the first Roman Emperor named Constantine the Roman
nobility was living in constant fear of another armed uprising of their slaves like that which has
been led by the slave
Spartacus in 73 BC.  Their slaves now constituted over 90 percent of the
population and almost all of the military was being wasted just keeping this slave population
under control.  At that time most of the slaves had been born into slavery and was designated
as a separate 'race' by their Roman masters. On top of that, the secretive and clandestine Jesus
movement was stealing them away in large numbers, smuggling them over the borders at the
frontiers of the Empire to freedom. The Legions could not spare any more troops to foray
across the borders and capture more slaves to replace those who had been helped to escape by
the Jesus anti-slavery movement.

The Roman nobility greatly admired the Jews for their loyalty to their roots and wished for
something similar that they could impose on their slaves.  They recognized that the philosophy
which bound Jews together was in reality a form of slavery, and surmised that that kind of
thing could be mastered and packaged for their own slaves.  One definition of slavery is that it
is simply an absence of any ability to make choices, and the Jew's religion seemed to make all
their choices for them, without complaint or revolt. The Roman's definition of slavery included
this definition within it's own more important definition, which was forcing one person to work
for the riches of another. So they set their political theoriticians to working on the problem,
using the Jew's religion as the base model and modifying it to fit the requirements of the
Romans for absolute control of their slaves.  The first requirement of this new "religion" was
that it had to nullify and exterminate the Jesus anti-slavery movement.  Nothing was really
known about the slave Jesus except word-of-mouth carried down through 300 years, but
"Jesus saves" had become the two most important words known to the slaves within the
Empire.  Jesus therefore had great importance to the slaves.  In addition, the cross was the
most important symbol of terror that was already hanging over the heads of the slaves, the
method of their death if they were disobedient.  The new religion's philosophy had to include
great real and imagined terror as well as promises of great rewards which would never actually
materialize.  They gave great emphasis to terror because they had already realized the effects
that terror had rhat led to the paralyzing of a person's self movation abilities.  Removing self
motivation, leaving only the element of obedience was a requirement for slave control.

So they looked at Judaeism and plotted a way that it could be exported to control their slaves,
modified for their purposes.  In their society, all authority flowed from one man, so they had to
have a man who gave the authority for the non-Jews to be incorporated into their version of
this religion.  Jesus was already a hero to the slaves, but they knew little of who or what he
had ever been  They were simultaneously going to ban all the other religions currently in
vogue, and wanted to make thr transition to the new state-sponsored universal religion as easily
as possible, so they incorporated into their new universal religion characteristics of most of the
other religions.  Isis was the man-god. Athena was the mother god. Zeus was all-powerful, and
so on.  They chose Jesus to be their combination man-god and Zeus, all powerful.  They had
an insidious purpose for choosing Jesus. Choosing Jesus as their man-god made possible their
scam for neutralizing the Jesus anti-slavery movement. To accomplish this on a universal scale,
they had to abolish chattel slavery where a "lord" held a legal paper title of ownership of
another human known as a slave.  They had to do this in a manner that caused the slaves to
continue to serve the same functions as they had in the past, work until their deaths for the
riches of their masters, but no longer had anywhere to 'escape' to nor a chattel-holding master
to rebel against...So god became their new "Lord", the "Lord God Almighty", the new master
of all of the slaves from which there was no escape and from which unimaginable punishment
was received for the slightest disobedience or infraction of the rules of the religion.

The Jews were in reality a rather small insignificant group of people who lived in the deserts
north of Egypt who claimed to be the descentants of the followers of a former Egyptian prince
named Moses.  They were mostly traders, with many charlatans, hustlers, scam artists, and so
on in their midst.  They made enemies easily, and had suffered the wrath of those whom had
declared themselves to be their enemies many times.  Their life on the whole had never been
easy.  They had developed a self promoting legend of a "savior" who would someday become
their powerful leader and save them from all of their many enemies who has imposed such
suffering on them down through the centuries.  They called this anticipated leader the
"Christ".  When the Roman theoritcians came across this tale, they realized that it fit the role
they planned for Jesus in their new religion, where legions of losers needed a hero or god to
worship, but a hero or god that would never lead them out of their slavery.  A hero for losers,
a hero that never urged ambition, but made obedience the path to the great rewards that would
be promised but never delivered.  Rewards that would only be received after death.

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