Christianity and the eugenics of slave

Some forty or fifty years after the publication of the 'bible' the question arose among the priests
about how improvements in profits could be made.  The nobility were all engaged in just
enjoying being 'noble' with slaves doing all their work, and the slaves (everyone else) were
steeped in and static because of their imposed poverty and ignorance.  All scientific inquiry had
been forbidden and all technical advancement brought to an end.  A priest named "Augustine"
proposed a solution.  Improvements in profits could be made by improving the breeding of the
slaves.  He believed that slaves could be selectively bred to improve their profitable skills and
abilities and made to be obedient and compliant, just as farm animals could be bred to improve
their performance and utility.  To this end, he devised the rules for the breeding of the slaves.  
The first rule was that only a priest could choose who mated with who to produce an offspring,
so the characteristics of the offspring could be controlled and predicted, just like with livestock.  
The second rule was that every female must produce as many new slaves as possible within her
lifetime, for every slave was counted towards the wealth of the 'Lord' who owned the land and
the serfs (slaves).  To prevent violation of these rules, each mating was to be declared a lifetime
arrangement of the participants, to be known as "marriage".  One selected male to be mated with
one selected female for all of their lifetime, for the control of the characteristics of their children.  
All sexual contact outside of these rules were forbidden and punishable.  Once the couple was
chosen by the priests, the matchup became permanent, for the remainder of the lives of the
couple.  Any attempt to avoid pregnancy was strictly forbidden and punishable.  Any sexual
contact outside of this 'marriage' was strictly forbidden and severely punishable.  To avoid the
existence of any slave whose characteristic had not been controlled by the priesthood, all sexual
contact not approved by the priesthood was forbidden.  The priesthood was never able to stop all
unapproved copulation, and unapproved children were produced.  In recognition of the value of
every slave, these children were allowed to live, but were saddled with the title of "bastard" for
the rest of their life.  The church made the lives of these "bastards" as miserable as possible as a
lifelong punishment for the unapproved sexual activity of the parents.  The word "bastard" is a
profanity to this day because of this.

Another group of people were selected for special persecution because of these progeny control
rules.  Men who did not have a sexual attraction to women, and women who did not have a
sexual attraction to men were severly punished because of their interference with this profit
making scheme that benefitted the 'Lords' who were the masters of the slaves.  These people
were forced to cooperate, or pretend to cooperate and hide their sexual preferences.  They were
forced to produce slave children anyway, and are still rigorosly pursued and persecuted by the
church to this day.

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