The Environment

The "environment" simply means the sum total of all the physical things that exist on the Earth at
the present.  All the plants and all the animals and all of the things that support and enable their
existence.  All things that exist have been created by evolution. As for all the life on Earth,
evolution takes the DNA molecule and creates all the things that can be created from it.   Many
of these things are successful, and continue to exist, and many are unsuccessful or unsatisfactory
for continuation, and simply disappear.  Over a long period of time, an environment developed
that supports humanity, the plants, animals, atmosphere, weather, land, sea, and so on.  Because
of the nature of evolution, there are many things in existence that is of use to humanity, and
many that are not.  Since evolution is of such a random nature, the environment may not be
perfect for the purpose of humanity at the present, but delivers satisfactory support.  Mankind
represents the end of the evolution of life on this planet.  Man has now decoded the secret of life
and the nature of life so it can control all of the future characteristics of life on the planet to
benefit its meaning and purpose for existing.  There is only one requirement, that man realize
what his purpose is, and manage his environment in such a way that it enhances his ability to
perform his purpose.  When he tampers with the environment, such as introducing new genetic
material, he must be careful that it is an enhancement and not a danger.  Protecting the status quo
of the environment is not automatically a good thing when there are opportunities to make
changes that enhances and better supports the meaning and purpose of human life.  Man must be
wise in his choice of changes he wishes to make to the environment, but
man should in no way
be forbidden to make changes
. Just as man has assumed the control over the genetic future of
all life for his own betterment, it is also imperative that he learns to control and use all the other
elements of his environment for his benefit, the weather, the physical resources within the earth,
his own byproducts from conversion of resources, the geology of the Earth itself, and even it's
relationship to the rest of the solar system and the universe.

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