EVOLUTION and the christian lies about it

In the beginning, before the event known as the "big bang" that signalled the
beginning of evolution, god devised the physical laws that allow the universe and
all that is in it to exist.  The "big bang" started the construction of the universe,
and the process that has followed ever since then is known as "evolution".  
Evolution is quite simply god's workshop, the place where he experiments with
new things, his factory, his method of creation.  Evolution created the universe,
taking it through it's many stages of development to the present, where it
continues developing the universe. It caused life to appear on the Earth, and
developed all the stages of life that preceded the human race, discarding life that
proved unsatisfactory and keeping that which met it's needs for progress.  It has
created and discarded many objects in the universe.  This process will continue
until it is superceded by deliberate logical control, which will one day be provided
by mankind.  Mankind has now brought the evolution of life on Earth to an end
by taking physical, logical control of it.  All of the life that follows will be that
which is invented and created by mankind, including it's own genetic destiny.  As
mankind continues to create new knowledge ("discovery") it will eventually create
the methods necessary to control the universe itself, and stop it from destroying
itself through infinite expansion.

Christianity, in it's efforts to bring the slaves of the Roman Empire under total
totalitarian control endeavored to put a stop to all learning among the slaves,
leaving the only function of humanity that of receiving profits from the toils of
slaves or creating profits for slave owners.  This plunged the whole of the western
world into what is called the "dark ages" where all knowledge and progress was
harshly suppressed.  All of the technical progress for the preceding several
thousand years was suppressed and destroyed. Christianity denied that the laws
of god as expressed in the physical laws of the universe even existed.  It spit
directly into the face of god by denying that evolution existed, instead claiming
that everything came about by some sort of "magic".  This served to keep the
slaves from ever realizing what the purpose and meaning of human life is and tied
them firmly to their status as slaves to the rich.  The creation of new knowledge
requires maximum individual and personal freedom, and christianity worked
constantly to keep the slaves from ever achieving the slightest bit of freedom.  
The rich aristocracy had no need to invent because their every need was provided
to them by the slaves, and the ability to invent by the slaves was harshly
suppressed.  Nine out of ten humans in Europe between 300AD and 1789 were
slaves.  "Mind control" over the slaves was harshly applied, making invention and
learning even more difficult and unlikely.  The slaves were taught that all their
thoughts originated either with god or satan, that no slave could own or create his
own thoughts.  They were taught that they were but robotic zombies thus
cementing them to their ignorance and keeping them from inventing ways to
escape their slavery.  The were taught that any 'obedience' to the thoughts put in
their head by the 'devil' doomed them to unimaginable eternal punishment. This
provided much of the terror element that was necessary for absolute control over
them because the worst of the "thoughts put in their heads by the devil" were
thoughts that no normal human could avoid, such as the need to procreate...