The christian degredation of human intellect

God created man so man could create new knowledge.  The creation of new knowledge
requires that man be absolutely free so he can have the time and freedom to examine all
things, and the mental freedom to consider all things, and the physical freedom to do
something about demonstrating the existence of new knowledge (build something new).  
When the Roman nobility invented christianity in 313AD to manage, control, and secure
their slaves without the need for vast military legions and chains for the slaves, they
concocted a highly successful methodology that called for imposing ignorance, poverty and
terror on their slaves.  This methodology was built into the christian doctrine.  This
doctrine claimed that science and evolution did not exist, that all things were created by
something like "magic" which was controlled by god.  The christian clergy and Roman
leadership set about destroying all technical progress except that of war making.  
Thousands of years of technical progress was destroyed in the years leading up to the
"dark ages" and all education for the slaves except that which made a profit for the lords
was forbidden.  "Apprenticeship" where the father taught the sons to make a profit for the
master was all that was allowed.  The slaves were taught that mankind could not even
invent new thoughts, that all thoughts originated with either god or the 'devil'.  The slaves
were further taught that any obedience to thoughts put into their heads by the 'devil' would
doom them to unimaginable infinite torture.  This was enhanced by much physical torture
of the living as a demonstration of what could be expected in the 'hereafter in hell', thus
instilling a deep fear of the creation of any new or unauthorized thought, and the thoughts
considered to be the most 'evil' were natural unavoidable thoughts of every normal person,
the thoughts of procreation.  This provided much of the terror that the Roman's control
methodology called for, and it worked well to stifle all creativity by the slaves.  What the
Romans could not know is that this terror caused a physical brain damage that permanently
repressed the IQ of the victims of the terror, making any creative ability even more
impossible.  This damage is irreversible and incurable, so after a few terror sessions in the
cathedral, he became a permanent obedient robotic zombie, a "good slave" who never
deviated, did anything unpredictable, always obeyed and never questioned his masters
orders.  Since nine out of ten humans in Europe were slaves, this cast a massive quelling
effect on all human progress for over a thousand years.  This methodology is still used by
the church today as an instrument of terror but it has lost much of it's effect on the general
population as church attendance is no longer required by law and many people escape this
brain damage become ignorance has been largely overcome also, or have little of it

God is highly disturbed by this.  He wants christianity gone so mankind can fulfill it's
appointed task unimpeded.

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