The origin of the universe and the purpose of life
In the beginning
God wanted a universe for some reason that he has never told me about.   He spent
eons planning and carefully calculating and plotting and scheming, until he got
everything just exactly right.  What he had been planning was the physical laws that
would govern the universe to be created.  There was also something, based on the
laws of probability, that would be used as the tool to actually create the end result he
desired, it is what we know today as "evolution". Evidently, because he existed before
this universe existed, he is not of this universe, but I know not where he resides.  
Another "dimension" perhaps.  I do not know if he can even enter this universe.  His
participation has been only as the originator of the orignial creation, known by our
scientists today as the "Big Bang". Evolution was responsible for creating all that is in
this universe, both the structure of the universe, and the structure and content of life
on this planet.  He figured out how to construct something from nothing, ending up
with matter and antimatter, which when recombined would revert to nothing.

So he got everything carefully prepared and set off the "Big Bang".  The universe
inflated as planned.  There was substance without form.  Now evolution kicks in,
takes over, and the substance starts taking form.  Subatomic particles precipitate out
of the morass, and atoms form from the subatomic particles, and molecules form
from the atoms, and gravity is born. The molecules clump together to form various
and sundry objects with many different characteristics. These objects grow larger and
larger as gravity drives smaller objects together into ever larger objects, and a
'vacuum' is formed as the original morass evolves into ever larger and more
compacted objects.  These objects cause disturbances in the base substance of the
universe and become electromagnetic waves of many different frequencies, giving
light, heat, Xrays, microwaves, radio waves that radiate out in all directions, all the
way to the bounds of the universe. Quasars and other large objects form and start
interacting with one another through gravity, and evolve into stars.  The stars explode
and recycle their substance into evolutionary processes  The interaction of gravity and
the various laws of motion cause galaxies to start forming.   All the while the universe
is expanding, ever more slowly.  It eventually goes into a steady state as the gravity
from inside and outside equalize and expansion slows to a crawl,  Then, suddenly, a
few billion years after the "Big Bang", something changes.  Gravity becomes
unbalanced.  Gravity forces inside the universe overcome the opposing forces from
the outer bounds of the universe, causing expansion to accelerate.  The universe has
resumed it's expansion, this time accelerating as it expands, growing outwardly ever
more faster.  If this continues, the universe will eventually expand until it vanishes
into the nowhere of nowhere.  God realizes this, and goes back to his plans and
recalculates and recomputes and reexamines all of the physical laws he has plotted,
and reexamines his plans and schemes looking for what has gone wrong, looking for
an error.  He looks, and searches for several billion years, and cannot find the flaw.  
He realizes that he must have help to solve this problem and save the universe from
self destruction.  He knows he must have millions and billions of times as much
intellect as he is capable of providing to determine what the problem is with his
original design for the universe, and how to fix the problem if it can be fixed or
resolved or reworked.  So he sets about designing something that evolution can build
for him, a much easier problem than designing the whole of the universe.  Evolution
must build billions of computers, or logical problem solving entities for him.  These
entities must exist within the universe, where they can have direct access to it's inner
workings.  They must have a place to reside. They must have a working
environment.  They must have means of creativity and a means to collect and store
and combine all of the creativity, and all of the results of this creativity.  God knows
he cannot be involved in this creativity, that he cannot help in it's formation or
creation as he knows he made a mistake, does not know what that mistake was, and
if he participates  or assists in thies creativity effort, he may inject the original error
into the intelligence mix and cause these billion of intelligence entities to follow all the
same wrong trails he followed unsuccessfully for so many billion years.  So, it is
obvious, if the problem can be solved by these intelligences, it must be completely
without his help, he can only watch as they search for all of the knowledge that can
be created within the universe, and somehow find the flaw in the design and devise a
'fix', if it can be 'fixed'.