The origin of the universe and the purpose of life

So, he comes up with a design that evolution can use to do all that is required
to create billions of separate, independent intelligencies who will all
participate in this search for knowledge about the universe.  The design
produces a spiral, unstable, self replicating molecule with possesses within
itself an infinite number of ways to combine with others of it's kind to
produce an infinite number of mechanisms, all constructed from this basic
molecule.  We know it today as DNA.

The molecule splits, replicaing itself, and combines with the resulting
molecules to make multi-molecule things.  This happens billions of trillions of
times in a trial-and-error fashion and every now and then, an object results
that can replicate itself and all of it's molecules together almost exactly, and
these 'objects', now more complicated than the simple molecule replication,
undergoes the same evolutionary replication process as the original DNA
molecule, occasionally producing an inexact copy that is not quite like itself,
but which may be superior or inferior in it's function and replication process.  
From this trial and error evolutionary process, complex 'organism' result and
the process goes on and on and on, and over long periods of time, more and
more complex organisms result, with ever more functions and capabilities.  
The ability to react to stimulus evolves, and the beginnings of a nervous
system is born, leading to what we are more familiar with as 'life'.  Many,
many creatures are created that do not survive in the long run, but the
creatures get ever more complex.  The evolution of the universe is also at
work effecting the evolutionary process of creating life.  X-rays, light,
electromagnetic radiation, heat, gravity, the interaction of objects in the
universe all have influence on the life creating evolution.  Great forests grow
and get folded into the innards of the planet as the physical forces of
evolution work on the planet, to evolve into fuels to be used later when life
evolution has produced it's end product, enabling the end product to give
itself a jump-start to satisfy it's great need for energy that will be required for
the fulfillment of it's mission.; Great forms of animals grow out of this trial
and error evolutionary process, and eventually die out as they prove a failure
in having the mental means of perpetuting themselves into infinity. .  

Finally, a creature emerged that could manipulate small objects while moving
rapidly on it's own two feet, that was skeletally flexible enough that it could
fit in and function in almost any physical environment, and that could cool
itself rapidly enough to work furiously almost continuously, getting great
amounts of work done.  This creature emerged during a series of ice ages
over a period of several hundred thousand years.  It developed a large brain
and great communication and logical skills because of the complexities of
survival in a harsh environment where food was available for only a short
period each year, requiring it to work furiously and with great planning in
order to survive the long winters.  By the end of these ice ages, this creature
had developed a great instinct for acquiring comfort and security for
survival.  These are the elements of what we know as 'ambition'  in the
human race, also known as greed, that we see today in almost all human
beings.  This creature was Homo Sapiens.  It recognizes that ever more
knowledge was necessary for it's need for ever more comfort and personal
security, so it strives continuously to seek ever more new knowledge.  This
is a trait we know as 'progress' a singular characteriastic of all of humanity
since the first man stood on his own two feeti and planned his own future.  
This is the only common thread that has run through all of humanity since
human beings became human.  We were planned this way by a god that can
only be properly described as 'successful'.  We, the whole of the human
race, are doing what we were designed to do.  It is our purpose to create new
knowledge, and that is what we do, in an ever accelerating manner.   Our
most valuable characteristic is that of free choice, without which we could
not create new knowledge, and as such,  personal freedom is the only thing
about humanity and our society that is truly 'sacred'.

However, in giving us total freedom to do what we will which is necessary to
truly be creative, there is danger that we will create things that can harm
ourselves, or harm his purpose for creating us in the first place.  So god
watches over us, being careful to never influence our search for knowledge.
He is concerned mostly about trends thqt lead away from freedom and
oppose progress. As this search for knowledge, the human race flows right,
left, a little backwards, but always forward as it explores all of the pathways
that leads to new knowledge.  Some of the things that we learn are harmful,
some of it neutral and useless, but most of it leads to ever more progress,
and leads us closer to our goal.  Not all of us are on the leading edge of
research, we require lots of support in our society for those who are on the
leading edge in this search for new knowledge .

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