The concept of god, Satan, totalitarian rule, and the robotic slave

The concept for having unthinking,  mechanical robots to do all of one's work and performing all
of the laborious tasks for one is not a new concept of "science fiction", it has been around for
thousands of years.  Being able to turn slaves into robots was a dream of the Roman slave
masters, the Lords who owned the slaves.  To attempt to achieve this ambition, certain things
were built into their slave controlling 'christian religion' to override or cancel or supersede all of
the creative thinking processes of the slaves of the Roman Empire.  At the same time, they
wanted to achieve the total obedience of the slaves to a totalitarian dictator, one man rule

The slaves were taught, through the church's seven day brainwashing/terror sessions, that all
wisdom, directions, progress, law, new thoughts of all kinds came from a single individual.  That
individual might be god, Satan, or one man in the totalitarian 'one man rule' pyramid, where the
pope dictated to the kings, the kings dictated to the lords and barons, and the lords and barons
dictated to the slaves.  No slave was to be allowed to assume that any slave ever had an original
thought.  Slaves were born to obey, and nothing else, and to make the slaves believe this, they
were taught that all "good" thoughts were put in their heads by god, all "bad" thoughts were put in
their heads by an individual named "Satan", and all purposeful instructions were exclusively from
individuals known as lords and barons, who also passed on the instructions from the king and the
Pope.  This 'one person' theme as the cause for all things was also designed to cause acceptance
of totalitarian one-man government.  It made one-man rule (dictatorship) look 'normal' and

Only the Pope could talk to god.  The Pope, being god's totalitarian representative on Earth,
passed such things as the definitions of "sins" and "morals" to the slaves through the priesthood.  
Generally, these "sins" and "morals" were prohibitions against all things that might lead the slaves
in some way towards achieving their freedom, or endangering the master race in any way, or
things that might impair their profitabity to the lords and barons, or challenge the authority of the
church over them.  So the slaves were led to believe that they were nothing but biological robotic  
machines that did nothing but obey all orders given to them by their "betters", the master race, the
lords and barons. Their minds were nothing but the receptacles of instructions from god or Satan.
Any slave who claimed an achievement of self direction, like a new invention, was burned at
stake as a 'heretic' or a 'witch'.  This was even applied to the "middle class" (untitled relatives of
the titled nobility), where such historic inquisitive notables as Da Vinci and Galileo narrowly
escaping with their lives.

This "dumbing down" of the slaves had a disasterous side effect for the human race in all of
Europe.  It caused all scientific inquiry, all invention of new things to come to a sudden halt.  It
caused the destruction of thousands of years of progress as all means of preserving knowledge of
this progress was abandoned. All evidence of a self motivated mankind was wiped out.  The
slaves were made to believe that all men's minds were controlled by god or Satan, that none ever
originated thoughts by themselves. They were made to believe that god cared only for things that
enhanced the profits of the master race, the nobility or aristocracy, today known as "capitalists".
They were taught that anything that resembled today's "scientific inquiry" was the work of the
devil, 'Satan' The master race cared only for profits and comfort and power, they never wondered
about what might be.  As part of the 'dumbing down' all records of technical progress of the
human race except that necessary for the control of the slaves or the profits of the nobility was
carefully searched out and destroyed.  Thusly, forever afterward, an understanding of the
previous achievements of humanity such as the technology of the building of the Pyramids of
Egypt was lost.

It has recently been discovered that scientific progress at the time of the establishment of
christianity was much more advanced than anyone in today's world suspected when a mechanical
navigation computer was discovered in a ship that sunk sometime during the early Roman Empire  
After the creation of christianity for the rule of the slaves, no such device was built again for
almost 1700 years.  No records are known to exist of such devices anywhere in the world.  It is
obvious that there was a great book burning event and a rewriting of history where all evidence of
scientific achievements and self directing mankind were destroyed, along with all evidence of the
endeavors of the followers of Jesus prior to 313 AD.  Jesus had been made into their master by
the christian religion.  Prior to the establishment of the christian religion after 313 AD, the
followers of Jesus had been anti-slavery activists.

This "dumbing down" took place over a period of about fifty years or so, between 313 and 367, a
span greater than the average lifetime of a slave.  The "new testament" was being written during
this same time period, so at the time of it's publication around 367 AD, the memory of the original
"followers of Jesus" had died with that generation of slaves.  They never again knew  that Jesus
and his original followers had been anti-slavery activists.  "Jesus Saves" had been bastardized into
an anti-freedom weapon, Jesus, instead of attempting to free them from their slavery was
preventing them from ever being free.

Almost all of the surviving scientific achievement from the past prior to Constantine I's regime has
been preserved by the Arabs and the Orientals who never fell under the slavery of the christians.  
The only thing that christianity carried forward was the purest of human tyranny.  Christianity
considers all scientific inquiry to be a 'sin' and findings of scientific inquiry and experimentation to
be lies, known within religious lexicon as "heresy" which for many centuries was punishable by
death by burning alive.  Christianity is the world's greatest opponent of the meaning and purpose
of human life as designed by god himself.

The creation of robotic slaves was the objective of the "marriage" and sex rules that was forced
on the slave population, known as "serfs".  The christian "leadership" knew well of the workings
of evolution, of "natural selection".  "Natural selection" had been overcome by deliberate
characteristic selection for agricultural purposes for centuries, and the christian "serfs" were
considered by the church clergy and the artistocracy to be the same as livestock.  The christian
clergy saw this as the means to create a purely robotic, obedient, compliant, and industrious
slave.  So the rules for "marriage" called for the priesthood to match up couples for reproduction
of new slaves, based on the characteristics of each of the couple to be "married".  All sexual
contact outside of "marriage" was strictly forbidden, and at times punishable by death.  The
christian 'bible' calls for adulterers (sexual relations between couples not married to one another)
to be put to death.  All means of contraception was strictly forbidden so each serf female was
compelled to produce as many new serfs as possible in their lifetime, for the numbers of serfs was
an important part of each "Lord's" family wealth.  

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