"Socialism" which is so hated by christendom today is but a copy of a way of life that was
invented by christianity itself to keep the slaves of the Roman Empire peaceful, obedient,
industrious, and profitable to their masters, the "Lords" of the Roman nobility.  This way of
life was taught only to the "servant race" which existed as a totally separate society from the
nobility.  The ideas taught to the poor and impoverished serfs never bled over into the
wealthy upper class nobility. The original christian version of socialism taught equality
among the slaves, that all were economically and socially equal, that none should ever be
allowed to acquire wealth for themselves, that none should ever have economic advantage
over others and be allowed to hoard the resources necessary for their survival, that all were
to work equally hard and be 'rewarded' equally, that all were to help one another as
brothers.  (This made their upkeep more economical to the masters, and the masters never
had to be concerned about the needs of the slaves).  Economic and social 'climbing' was not
possible, and all were to share the burdens of their existence equally, sharing when necessary
with others who may have become needier than themselves.  All were to pull together (work
ever harder together) to achieve the things they needed for survival, with no one gaining
economic superority.  This philosophy never applied to the "master race", the ruling class,
the aristocracy. Christian support for this lifestyle quickly turned into snarling opposition
when the benefactors of this system, the aristocracy, was wiped out in the slave revolts which
began in 1789 in France.  Christianity was designed to protect wealth and power, and repress
and control the very poor as slaves.  With it's aristocracy exterminated after the revolutions
of the past 230 years, the church has done an about face, now opposing it's equality-for-all
teaching and aggressively supporting get-rich-quick schemes so it could re-create a vestige of
the old arisotocracy that would support it's power over the common workers that it had
always exercised.  When communists removed the church from power completely, the church
waged continuous war on the philosophy that it had once taught the poor hapless slaves,
now calling that philosophy "socialism" and treats all philosophies that advocate the
sharing wealth and enforcing social and political justice and equality as a sin.  Where once
the rich and poor were two separate societies, and none could ever cross that upper
class/lower class line, people can now move freely from poverty to riches and vice versa, and
a "middle class" grew that did not follow it's old philosophies for the wealthy or the poor
(servant race, slaves).  Over the decades and centuries that followed 1789, the church
switched from it's preaching a socialist philosophy to railing against it's socialist philosophy
from time to time and place to place as it endeavored to re-create the upper wealthy class
that would support it's political power as the old extinct hereditary aristocracy had done.  
With it's supporting "aristocracy" or "nobility" that represented repressive wealth and
power gone it set about to creating a very similar system under the name "capitalism" where
all the old rules applied except the automatic assumption of wealth and political power  
through birthright (race).  It maintained the rules of serfdom (slavery), while modifying
them to allow "wages" to improve the lives of the serfs, now called "employees" and allowed
them to migrate from one position of servitude to another.  The rule that every worker must
work for the wealth of the elite was strictly maintained.  It simultaneously supported a
"greed is good" philosophy for the rich while continuing to instill in it's poorest the "wealth
is a sin" philosophy, pushing the rewarding of the most cunning while preaching the great
holiness and piousness of poverty and the evils of diversity and self determination to the
not-rich. It especially opposes all collective self help endeavors, and help for the poor by
government because all of these things serve to prevent poverty, and prevents the poor from
becoming slaves again.   The philosophy of helping one another had to be abandoned
entirely because it became possible for members of the middle class to help those in poverty
without hurting their own economic standing, and prevent the poor from falling into
outright slavery.

Socialism, as defined within christianity today applies across the whole population since
enforced social class lines have vanished.  When it was invented by christianity to control the
slaves (serfs) of the Roman nobility, it served to enforce poverty within the "servant race"
only, keeping them economically tied to their slavery.   Today, they oppose "socialism" with
all their might because socialism prevents the formation of economic classes and prevents
wealth from accumulating in the hands of a few and prevents the formation of poverty that
can be exploited as slavery for enhanced profits.  In a socialist society with no class lines,
christianity serves no purpose except terror, and would soon vanish.

Why does this matter to god, you may ask?  God wants the maximum effort by the human
race to create new knowledge.  He wants the maximum number of people possible to work at
creating new knowledge.  One cannot be involved in creating new knowledge if all of his time
is spent on doing just what is necessary for survival.  Our current social system, capitalism,
gives the bulk of our resources necessary for survival to a small percantage of the population
and forces the remainder to spend too much of their time trying to acquire the means to
survive.  This should be changed so more people have the opportunity and the time and the
means to engage in creating new knowledge.  To this end, a limit must be imposed on one's
ability to hoard, and the distribution of resources of survival must become equatible among
the whole of the population so time and resources are present for the maximum number to
engage in creating new knowledge.

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