Spartacus, Jesus, and the Roman anti-slavery movement
The human race was developimg well towards it's given task of creating new knowledge.  In this
endeavor, every possible path for development of new knowledge had to be followed to it's logical
end. It was a given in the design of mankind that in it's search for knowledge some of the paths
explored would be neutral and lead to nowhere, a waste of time, that some of the paths would be
destructive to the search for knowledge itself, and some paths would would lead to a solid
acquisition of new knowledge.  The human race milled around seeming aimlessly, but on the
whole, new knowledge accumulated, and progress to it's goal steadily increased.  It was
understood that having absolute freedom to act, and a mentality superior to even gods, that
missteps that were dangerous and destructive to the meaning and purpose for human life might
take place, but the basic inquiry for ever more new knowledge would always win out.  There were
destructive wars and genocides and exterminations of whole societys, but on the whole, progress
was steadily created..God had barred himself from assisting in any way with this search for new
knowledge, but he was concerned about the rate of progress, not knowing when the universe
might take some other unexpected and unplanned turn, so he tweaked the social things that
mankind had created from time to time by helping certain individuals with a better understanding
of the social things that might enhance development and discovery.

As he watched and timed the progress, he noted a significant slowdown as the social thing known
as the Roman Empire developed.  This slowdown was caused by the enslavement of large
numbers of people by a small minority who were hoarding the resources that they all depended on
for survival.  Every person that was thusly enslaved lost their freedom to act independently which
removed them from the pool of people creating progress.

One day, god looked upon the Romans at a time when half the population had been enslaved.  He
observed that one of the slaves had rebelled and was leading an ever growing military rebellon
against the Masters of the slaves, the Roman nobility.  The slave's name was Spartacus.  The
rebellion quickly grew to 120,000 escaped slaves.  God smiled.  His rule of the overcoming of
adversity was working, this slowdown in the creation of progress would quickly be overcome.  
The Romans, however, who were the best military tacticians in the world, quickly defeated the
slave army.  Spartacus was killed and six thousand of his fellow slaves who had survived the
defeat were nailed to crosses and executed all across the Roman Empire.  The cross was forever
more held over the heads of the slaves of the Empire as a symbol of terror, even to this day.  For
the next 350 years the Roman nobility faced constant terror of another "Spartacus" as the numbers
of slaves in the Empire steadily increased to the point where restraints and the Roman military was
in danger of losing total control of them.  By 310, over 90 percent of the Roman population was

Details about Spartacus

The Romans had several methods of increasing their slave population.  A slave was a valuable
property to a Roman 'lord' and counted as a large part of his total wealth.  The Roman legions
made regular forays beyond the Empire's borders capturing slaves.  They converted free members
of the non-noble population ro slaves by designating some popular act as illegal, and when
someone violated this 'law' they were captured and auctioned off to a nobleman as a slave, to be a
slave until they died.  After the Roman nobility invented christianity they divided their population
into  the 'master' race, the members of the original Roman nobility (decendents of warlords),
freemen, and the servant race (the slaves), and made these positions in society heredetary.
Children of slaves would remain slaves for their whole lives.  No one could cross this 'racial'
barrier between the "master" race and everybody else.  By 310AD, the 'freemen' population had
been decimated and absorbed into slavery.  It is most likely that some sex act was the best law in
converting freemen to slaves. This seems to be the favorite kind of 'crime' that the remenants of
the old Empire, the christians, favor today to load up current day prisons with slaves.

Society today is a descendant of this master race-slave race scheme of the old Roman Empire.  
The vast majority of the population is designated as 'workers' and not allowed the resources to
engage in the creation of new knowledge that the human race was created to do.  Instead of slaves
serving their masters, it is wage earners serving their employers and the relationship betweem
employers and wage earners is the same as between the slaves and their masters in early Rome.  
The vast majority, slaves in those days, wage earners in current society, labor their whole working
lives for the wealth of their masters, or employers, never having the time nor resources to
adequatelu engage in the creation of new knowledge which they were created to do..

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