Spartacus, Jesus, and the Roman anti-slavery movement

The Roman slave control theoriticians studied the Jews and came to admire the
extent to which something invisible with no military power could exercise such
perfect control and demand such loyalty.  The Jews always referred to
themselves as Jews, never as slaves or Romans, and they never exhibited any
anamosity towards this supreme control system that they obeyed so eagerly.  
The Roman theoroticians decided that they had to have something like this for
their slaves, an invisible master who would absorb all the blame for all bad
things that ever happened to them, something that would keep the slaves as
slaves, something that would do away with the ever threatening Jesus
anti-slavery organization, and do away with the need for chaining the slaves up
every night, and do away with the need to tie up such a large part of the military
for slave control duties.  They wanted supremly obedient slaves who did not
know that they were slaves so they would never have anything to rebel against
or to flee from...